Complete Program Management Capabilities

"They can go from simple jobs to very complex jobs. Not many shops like theirs can do that. They have the highest quality of any of my suppliers."

Machining Supervisor, International Precision Machining Company - Hebron, Kentucky 

Precision Expertise

Our team can attain your high-precision tolerances up to .002″ depending on your unique specifications.

Exotic Metals

We have experience with over 50 metal and plastic materials – including Nickel, Titanium, Inconel, Tungsten, and Aerospace Grade Stainless Steels.

State of the Art Technology

Our flexible manufacturing system combines the ability for automation with the capacity for control into one system. With our CNC system, all materials are automatically loaded and handled. The advantages of a flexible manufacturing system for your project include:

  • The reduction of lead time
  • Better process control
  • Consistent quality

Extensive Experience in the Defense, Space and Aerospace Industries

Yes. We can handle it all. 

Equipment Capabilities

Our equipment capabilities includes: Vertical CNC Milling Centers Travel, Horizontal CNC Milling Centers, Boring Mills, Vertical CNC Mills, CNC Turning Centers Travel, Engine Lathes, Jig Grinder Travel, ID/OD, Dry Surface, Wet Surface, EDM, Wire Cut Travel and Sinker

Single Point of Contact

You’ll have confidence in our complete oversight with transparent project updates. We’re all about making promises and keeping them.

You will get compliance paperwork on time and we compile the data so you don’t have to.

Accurate Documentation

Linked Processes

You’ll have confidence handing us your families of parts as we have all of the capabilities in house (milling, turning, grinding and wiring EDM).


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